Predicting the Potential Value of Content: Introducing the Whip Media Demand Score™

By: Nadine Suleiman|April 25, 2022

The world of content has become increasingly complex, making it harder to pinpoint whether a film or TV title will be successful. Performance can be influenced by a wide variety of factors – the size of the audience, the location of the viewers, the platform on which it is shown, the characteristics of the title. Given these differences, how can you determine the potential value of a specific title or set of titles so you can make the best licensing choices?

The Whip Media Exchange includes a cutting-edge metric – the Demand Score™ – that helps media and entertainment companies predict which titles will perform best for a particular territory and platform (aka an “audience”). With the Demand Score, content buyers and sellers can take a data-driven approach to licensing and make smarter, more profitable decisions. Download the full report to learn more.