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Whip Media is reimagining content licensing and distribution to create a smarter, more profitable entertainment ecosystem. We help the world’s leading entertainment organizations scale with our innovative SaaS software and insights solutions that drive automation, visibility and intelligence to track content performance anywhere and connect consumers to content.

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We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet the needs of
both distributors and streaming platforms.

  • Contract Management & Avails: Manage all of your contracts in one place, and keep track of all your avails whether you’re distributing or aggregating titles. 
  • Performance & Usage Tracking: Monitor your contents performance with our industry-leading software, whether it’s TVOD/EST, AVOD, SVOD, Linear and more.
  • Content Acquisition Management: Collaborate with your team to decide the most profitable content to acquire.
  • Digital Media Supply Chain Management: Directly connect with content aggregators and suppliers and track your assets from order to ingest. 
  • Predictive Analytics, Engagement & Anticipation Data: Our data sets are designed to understand the global value of content and drive smarter, more profitable business decisions.
  • Content Finance Revenue & Royalty Management: Automatically calculate settlements, manage content costs and generate statements.
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“Whip Media’s solution allows us to manage digital distribution issues with automated tracking, improved measurement and optimized financial workflow.”

Eleanor O’Carroll
Client Services Manager Global Markets, BBC

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