AI-Powered Tools Now Help Solve FAST Reporting Challenges and Predict Content & Consumer Trends

By: Jerry Inman|January 19, 2024

At the recent 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Whip Media announced new features that leverage AI and automation for data aggregation to better collect, analyze and update viewership and content insights. This marks a pivotal shift in addressing FAST reporting challenges and predicting content and consumer trends. 

Solving FAST Reporting Challenges
Whip Media introduced key advancements designed to revolutionize reporting for AVOD/FAST platforms and channels to enhance its industry-leading content performance and revenue tracking platform through AI such as:

  • Automated Data Acquisition Reporting: AI enhanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) components allow the platform to retrieve data, from any source, and can dynamically sense changes to ensure that customers always have the most up-to-date view of their content performance everywhere. 
  • Advanced Automated Title Matching: Utilizing AI, the updated title matching feature reduces manual effort and increases accuracy which allows FAST channels to understand cross-platform content reporting. This also allows FAST channels  to understand differences in audience and performance across platforms and services, enabling them to grow wherever their channels are featured.

The automation and AI-driven capabilities provided by Whip Media’s solutions bring about a significant reduction in manual labor and human error in content performance tracking. This efficiency boost is crucial in the fast moving and dynamic FAST/AVOD space where time is money, and the speed of decision-making can make or break success.

Predicting Content Trends
Whip Media also introduced new AI tools to its content and consumer insights solution fueled by millions of real-time data points created by TV & film viewers around the world to better predict content outcomes. 

  • Real-time Sentiment at Scale:  AI algorithms analyze vast amounts of unstructured consumer-generated data, such as emotions and anticipation, to rapidly identify patterns, trends, and insights that might be undetectable to research analysts.  
  • Advanced Predictive Content Analytics: By training AI models on a blend of quantitative and qualitative data, customers will gain the foresight and intelligence needed to improve content outcomes by predicting future viewing behaviors, preferences and engagement events. 

The implications of these advancements are monumental. For one, it empowers the entertainment industry with the foresight and real-time intelligence needed with content trends, but also the ability to anticipate future shifts in viewership. This kind of predictive power can inform content/channel creation, acquisition, and distribution strategies, ultimately leading to more engaged audiences and increased revenue.

The deployment of these AI-powered tools by Whip Media signifies a pivotal shift in the entertainment industry. It’s a shift towards a more data-driven, efficient, and predictive approach to content distribution, reporting, and consumption. 

For a deeper understanding and more detailed information in deploying AI-powered tools to address challenges in the dynamic field of FAST/AVOD, I encourage readers to explore our press release here.