Supercharge Your Licensing: The Race From a Content-Centric to a Consumer-Centric Strategy

In this session, Whip Media’s Sherry Brennan, EVP/General Manager of Content Licensing Platform, spoke to the evolution of the Media and Entertainment industry, and how it has us all constantly pivoting the way we manage our content. From OTT and Direct-to-Consumer, and from licensing to distribution, the entire entertainment ecosystem has shifted. Licensing used to be much simpler, with fairly strict windowing and relatively few platforms. To remain competitive in today’s market, you need a flexible, data-fed, insights-driven licensing solution that links consumer behavior with content licensing. You need to make decisions across multiple platforms with metrics that go beyond basic volume; Metrics that allow you to predict how your content will perform on the right platform that targets the right audience. Most importantly, you need to garner data-driven analytics based on real-world viewing and usage data, automate and streamline content licensing, and feed buyers and sellers in one centralized platform. Think it can’t be done? To explore, watch our session and discover how it CAN be done.