Top 4 Supply Chain Issues Facing FAST/AVOD Platforms in 2023

By: Jerry Inman|October 18, 2023

FAST and AVOD platforms are growing rapidly, and with that growth comes a number of challenges, including managing the content supply chain. Here are the 4 most common supply chain issues that FAST/AVOD platforms have been facing so far  :

  1. Tooling: FAST platforms tend to focus on user interface and advertising technology, leaving other content workflows like asset prep and metadata oftentimes being neglected, leading to inefficiencies and errors.
  2. Visibility: Business users often lack visibility into content status until far into the process. This can make it difficult to make informed decisions and resolve issues quickly.
  3. Volume: FAST platforms process a high volume of content, which can make it difficult to coordinate and manage.
  4. Coordination with vendors: Vendors sometimes mis-deliver content or provide incorrect start/end dates. This can lead to errors and delays.

How can you overcome these challenges?

FAST and AVOD platforms can overcome these challenges by implementing robust content supply chain technology. This should include the following:

  • Automated aggregation of AVOD avails: This feature automates the collection and aggregation of AVOD avails from content providers. This can save a significant amount of time and effort, and reduce the risk of errors.
  • Complex, rich workflow to select content from avails: This feature provides a workflow that allows business users to select content from avails based on a variety of criteria. This workflow should be flexible and customizable to meet the specific needs of the platform.
  • MAM integration: This feature allows the content supply chain solution to integrate with the platform’s MAM system. This integration can help to streamline workflows and reduce manual data entry.
  • Lab order management: This feature allows the content supply chain solution to manage lab orders. This includes creating POs for labs, tracking the status of orders, and managing recoupment.
  • Content receipt validation: This feature ensures that the content received from labs matches the content that was ordered. This can help to prevent errors and delays.

Benefits of robust content supply chain technology

Robust content supply chain technology can provide a number of benefits to FAST and AVOD platforms, including:

  • Scale: A robust content supply chain solution can help platforms to scale their businesses to support growth velocity and manage an enormous volume of clean, enriched avails from content providers.
  • Centralized management: A robust content supply chain solution provides a centralized view of the content supply chain. This can help to improve transparency, collaboration, and reduce lag.
  • Consolidation: A robust content supply chain solution can consolidate back-office workflows and directly integrate processes with Lab partners and MAM. This can help to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

In conclusion, while FAST/AVOD platforms face various challenges in their supply chain, the adoption of robust tools, refined processes, and strategic methodologies can transform those challenges into growth opportunities. Not only will this help businesses scale monetarily, but will also provide viewers with the best possible experience.

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