Transforming the TV and Film Development Landscape: Embracing Audience Insights To Better Understand the Demand for Library Content, Spinoffs and Reboots

By: Jerry Inman|November 30, 2023

The entertainment industry is at a pivotal moment, evolving rapidly in response to shifting audience demands. One significant change reshaping this sector is the integration of technology that enables direct access to audience sentiment at scale. This shift represents a revolution in how TV and film development teams interact and engage with their audience, facilitating a real-time connection that wasn’t possible before.

The Need for Direct Audience Feedback

Historically, the development of TV shows and films relied heavily on a mix of creative intuition and market research. While these methods have their merits, they often lack the granularity and immediacy of direct audience feedback. The rise of digital platforms and social media has made it increasingly clear that audiences want to be heard and that their opinions can significantly influence the success of a project.

Real-time Interaction: A Game Changer

The introduction of a solution that aggregates real-time feedback from a global community of content enthusiasts is a game changer. A first ever data solution introduced by Whip Media in December of 2023 is called, The Fan Feedback IP Tracker, which leverages “always on” TV Time app with a community of millions of active content enthusiasts around the world providing real-time feedback and thousands of data points on a company’s IP (intellectual property) content. This feedback is invaluable for identifying potential opportunities to leverage existing intellectual property (IP) for new series, spinoffs, reboots, or even to inform new channel creation.

Empowering Development Teams

Imagine the power of having millions of voices guiding a development team’s next project. This  can provide development teams with the ability to hone in on the content that audiences are eager to see. This level of insight allows for more informed decision-making, aligning projects more closely with audience preferences. The benefits are substantial, ranging from increased viewer engagement to potentially higher ratings and revenue.

Influencing Future Content

Subscribers can also influence which titles are presented to the community for feedback, accessing comprehensive, actionable data. This information is crucial in deciding which titles should be revisited, refreshed, or reimagined. As the competition to secure and keep viewer attention intensifies, understanding how to leverage IP effectively becomes crucial. Entertainment companies can do more with less by focusing on what their viewers genuinely want to watch.


The integration of technology that provides direct access to audience sentiment is a transformative development for the TV and film industry. It empowers creators and development teams to align their efforts more closely with audience preferences, ensuring that new content resonates more profoundly with viewers. As this trend continues, we can expect to see more personalized and audience-driven content, marking a new era in entertainment where the viewer’s voice plays a central role in shaping the media landscape.