Whip Media Unveils FASTrack™: The Future of FAST Content Performance & Revenue Reporting for the Entertainment Industry

By: Jerry Inman|September 13, 2023

Today’s entertainment world is exploding  with content, and with the rapid growth of FAST channels, the challenge  to manage and understand a sea of revenue and viewership data from all partners remains. Introducing Whip Media’s latest solution for small/mid tier distributors to help solve that problem – Whip Media FASTrack™.

Whip Media, the  trusted enterprise software platform and data solution provider for the world’s  largest entertainment companies, has just expanded its portfolio with the release of Whip Media FASTrack™. The intent? To provide a consolidated view of viewership and reporting data across multiple channels and platforms. FAST channels require data to be able to make the decisions they need to effectively operate, and FASTrack reduces the complexity of getting that intelligence. This allows for more time to spend on doing what they do best – developing and distributing compelling content.

With FAST channels becoming the rising star of entertainment, they often find themselves navigating the murky waters of disparate data. The inconsistency in data coming from various platforms and partners makes it difficult to have a clear view of title-level viewership or revenue.

FASTrack aims to put an end to this ambiguity. Its centralized dashboard ensures that no matter where their content is streamed, FAST channels can effortlessly manage viewership and revenue metrics at a title-level. Such an innovative tool isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity in today’s FAST world.

Whip Media is set to showcase FASTrack at IBC Show in Amsterdam from September 15-18, 2023. You can find them at Booth 5.F85, ready to give you a firsthand experience of its capabilities.

Here’s a snapshot of what Whip Media FASTrack™ brings to the table:

  • Automated Data Management: From data retrieval and ingestion to normalization from FAST/AVOD, SVOD, and more.
  • Detailed Insights: Allocates revenue and viewership metrics right down to the title level.
  • Customizable Analytics: Offers a real-time analytics dashboard and report builder that users can tailor to their needs.
  • Seamless Contract Management: Tracks content provider contracts and auto-generates royalty statements.

By resolving the primary reporting challenges faced by FAST channels and distributors today, FASTrack not only meets their current demands but also paves the way for a scalable future.

In its debut, FASTrack has already been embraced by leading names in the industry, including World Poker Tour, the adrenaline-packed Motorvision.TV, the rapidly-growing OTT Studio, and the innovative Best Ever Channels.