Film On All Fronts:
New Insights on Audience Anticipation and Demand for Theatrical Titles and the Impact on Release Strategies

Movie consumption behavior across theaters and streaming platforms was converging even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, in today’s fragmented media landscape, viewers are watching movies on multiple platforms and devices, making it difficult to gain a comprehensive understanding of total audience engagement.

In this WhipFLASH Webinar, learn how to leverage billions of 1st-party data points to gain an understanding of how audiences are watching and engaging with movies today. How do we determine the tradeoffs in release strategies? What is the push and pull between theatrical, PVOD and SVOD? Equally important, where are these audiences coming from, how are they growing over time, and how do we reach them most efficiently? The answers to these questions will help marketing, research and licensing teams develop strategies to best capitalize on the opportunities – and avoid the pitfalls – that present themselves in a rapidly evolving film landscape.