5 Things to Expect From Streaming in 2023

To kickstart the year, Whip Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt shared his 5 streaming predictions for 2023 in a new guest post for TheWrap.com.

Richard touched on a number of current media trends in his post, including the rise of local content in markets outside the U.S. Here’s a slice of what Richard had to say:

International markets continue to be the big battleground in the streaming wars and developing local content is key to that strategy. Over the last three years, U.S. content has declined 10% in its share of views in key European territories according to Whip Media data. The viewing that had been going to U.S. television series has moved to programs from the local market, Asia (in the form of anime and K-dramas), and a wide mix of other countries.

The story also looks at the rise in free ad-supported streaming services, as well as the future of sports streaming rights, so be sure to read the full article.

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