Magenta Telekom Partners with Whip Media for VOD Management

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Deutsche Telekom’s Austrian business Magenta Telekom has announced a deal with Whip Media Group.

The partnership sees Magenta Telekom implement Whip Media’s Content Value Management (CVM) platform to manage its VOD business. This, the company said, allows it to automate its VOD platform to more effectively capitalise on content contracts, control VOD royalties, streamline asset order and offer management as well as empower its content ecosystem and supply chain management.

Christian Jaros, vice president Entertainment of Magenta Telekom, said: “The rapid growth of VOD content has required that we adopt new systems to scale and efficiently handle an increased volume of deals, along with calculations and payments to programmers.Working with Whip Media, we are now able to better streamline and automate content  operations to improve efficiencies and mitigate risks by reducing manual processes.”

Paul Hastings, senior vice president of sales EMEA, Whip Media Group, said: “Our CVM platform helps Magenta Telekom to drive innovation in their business including greater accountability, flexibility and scalability to maximise revenues. We’re thrilled to partner with  Magenta Telekom as they continue to expand their VOD business and to bring more content  and the right mix of offers to its customers.”

Magenta Telekom, which ended 2019 with revenues of €1.28 billion, also recently announced a promotion to offer new customers three months of its internet, TV and mesh WiFi connections for free. Customers must sign up by November 11 in order to be eligible for the offer.