ODMedia Group Named Strategic Supply Chain Partner by Whip Media Group

ODMedia Group Becomes One of the First Companies to Join the New Strategic Supply Chain Partnership Program 

Utrecht, May 7, 2020 ODMedia Group, one of the market leaders in media processing and aggregation  for on-demand media, today announced that it has been named a Strategic Supply Chain Partner by Whip Media Group. Through this program, the partnership will provide media companies better transparency into their content workflows to maximize revenues, reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and get complete visibility and control over where and how television and movie titles are being distributed, both on a global scale and in real-time.

ODMedia Group will integrate with Whip Media Group’s industry-leading Content Value Management (CVM) platform. The CVM cloud-based open API-driven architecture will enable media companies and MVPD operators to seamlessly add best-in-class content delivery vendors to establish a digitally-driven supply chain that removes distribution friction and simplifies the process of managing multiple vendors while delivering workflow transparency and monitoring.

“Founded in 2004, ODMedia Group has strategic partnerships with all the global OTT platforms, won the award of Netflix Preferred Fulfillment Partner of the Year 2019/2020 – EMEA (high volume), and has been awarded ‘preferred partner’ status by AppleTV, Amazon, YouTube and Google Play, thus recognizing its ability to provide the best delivery services in the world,” said Sjef Pijnenburg, CEO and founder of ODMedia Group. “In addition to offering the full range of awarded technical-delivery services and content aggregation, ODMedia Group is also the winner of the VideoTech Innovation Awards 2019.”

Whip Media Group is the leading integrated cloud platform that empowers the world’s largest entertainment organizations to intelligently acquire, distribute and monetize their television and movie content. This Strategic Supply Chain Partnership is built on the premise that both buyers and sellers of content need to effortlessly put their content everywhere it needs to be. With the onset of the streaming wars and the unprecedented pace of content consumption, building a frictionless distribution ecosystem must take priority. 

ODMedia Group was selected as a Strategic Supply Chain Partner for its ability to create unique (global) content deployment strategies and using its award-winning services to facilitate content owners, creators and distributors. ODMedia creates a content eco system that is aimed at maximizing revenues and brings more than 15 years of experience to supply the highest service to its partners.  

“Whip Media Group is excited to have ODMedia Group as an inaugural strategic supply chain partner,” said Alisa Joseph, SVP Business Strategy & Development, Whip Media Group. “The ODMedia partnership brings enhanced business value to our growing list of global customers.”  

About ODMedia Group:

With its headquarters in the heart of the Netherlands and offices in Spain, Nordics, Germany, United Kingdom, South-Africa, Poland and Belgium, ODMedia Group is a leading provider of digital media & aggregation services and has strategic partnerships with all major global OTT platforms. ODMedia Group has been awarded ‘preferred partner’ status by AppleTV and is a Netflix Preferred Fulfillment Partner, recognising its ability to provide one of the lowest redelivery rates.

In addition to offering the full range of technical-delivery services, ODMedia Group acts as an aggregator for all global OTT platforms, providing digital-rights management, monetization, design, target audience development and cross-promotion. It also manages linear and non-linear channel playout for TVOD, SVOD and AVOD.

About Whip Media Group 

Whip Media Group’s companies, including Mediamorph, TV Time and TheTVDB, offer a data-driven integrated cloud solution that empowers the world’s leading entertainment companies to efficiently acquire, distribute and monetize their content. Together, our companies track billions of consumer actions and financial transactions that accelerate innovation for buyers and sellers of content. Whip Media Group’s clients include more than 50 of the biggest media and entertainment companies including all major Hollywood studios, top broadcasters and the largest global MVPD operators in the world, such as Disney, Warner Bros., Hulu, NBCU, Paramount, Sony, Lionsgate, BBC, HBO, AT&T, T-Mobile, Liberty Global, Discovery and Vodafone. Whip Media Group has offices in Los Angeles, New York City, London, Amsterdam, and Paris. For more information, visit whipmedia.com.