Whip Media Launches Innovative Data Solution to Help the Entertainment Industry Better Target and Monetize Library IP

The Unique Product, The Fan Feedback IP Tracker, Delivers Real-time Feedback on a Massive Scale About the Demand for New Series, Spinoffs, and Reboots

LOS ANGELES, November 30, 2023 – Whip Media, the leading enterprise software platform and data provider to the world’s largest entertainment organizations, announced today the launch of the Whip Media Fan Feedback IP Tracker. This new data solution provides studios, networks, and streaming platforms with a direct pipeline into viewer feedback to zero in on the library TV and film IP that meets the demand of audiences around the world.

The Fan Feedback IP Tracker leverages Whip Media’s proprietary TV Time app with a community of millions of content enthusiasts from 150+ countries, providing real-time feedback across all global titles and thousands of data points on existing TV and film IP. Unlike social listening data, which often confuses ‘chatter’ for ‘demand’, Whip Media’s newest offering is designed to provide more meaningful, actionable results by focusing on the quality of its respondents, delivering an unparalleled view of the demand for library IP. 

The product offering from Whip Media is a timely one, as entertainment companies are increasingly leveraging awareness of existing IP to revitalize brands or monetize latent demand for brands that resonate with a variety of audiences. However, it can be challenging to navigate vast content libraries and identify which titles have the greatest potential for ROI. The Fan Feedback IP Tracker is a solution to this problem, and with so many streaming choices for viewers, having this intelligence is critical to Direct to Consumer (DTC) strategies, providing the kind of high-quality, focused feedback that can help companies better target existing IP for new series, spinoffs, and reboots, or to inform FAST channel creation.

“Envision the power of having a chorus of engaged fan voices guiding your next big project. The future of content development and distribution must include perspectives from audiences themselves. Not just ratings and social chatter but real, informed feedback from relevant, qualified respondents on a massive scale.” said Chase Cabanillas, Whip Media’s Senior Vice President of Data Products & Technology. “That combination of qualitative and quantitative research is precisely what makes us unique among data providers, and we’re exceedingly proud to offer the Fan Feedback IP Tracker to the industry.

Subscribers to the service will have the opportunity to influence which titles are presented to the TV Time community and then be able to access comprehensive, actionable data across age, gender, geography, and more. This data can guide decisions on which titles should be revisited, refreshed, or entirely reimagined. As the competition to secure and keep viewer attention grows, understanding how to best leverage IP will allow entertainment companies to do more with less and to focus on what their viewers really want to watch.

For more information, or to schedule a demo, visit www.whipmedia.com/ip-tracker

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