Whip Media, BB Create List of What Streams Where

By Jon Lafayette

BB provides data on streaming programming. (Image credit: BB)

Whip Media Group said it has joined with BB, a leading media intelligence and content distribution research, to create a real-time list of what TV shows and movies are available on streaming platforms around the world.

The object is to help content owners figure out which platforms would be a good fit for programming and for distributors to determine what consumers want to see. The data is critical in determining the value of content and executing the appropriate licensing and merchandising strategies, the companies said.

BB’s data will be offered through the Whip Media Content Value Management Platform, which is used by media companies, Hollywood studios, broadcasters and global operators.

The data covers  more than 4 million TV episodes and movies across 60 countries and about 1,200 platforms.

“We’re thrilled about this strategic partnership, as it will provide the most complete streaming availability data for any TV or movie title, which will enable smarter content decisions throughout the industry,” said Jason Weiss, COO of Whip Media Group. “With the unprecedented rate of content competition from an ever-expanding field of streaming platforms, there is a sense of urgency to better understand the market landscape, achieve critical insights, and maximize the value of content.”

The data will also be integrated into Whip Media’s TV Time app, letting user search and discover where to watch every TV and movie title available in their regions.

“Whip Media Group, a true disruptor in the world of entertainment data analysis and distribution,  is an incredible and exciting partner,” said Tomás Gennari, CEO of BB. “This game-changing service will redefine how media companies worldwide understand the ever-evolving content demand and distribution landscape.”

Whip Media Group businesses include Mediamorph, TV Time and the TVDB. Its clients include Disney, Warner Bros., Hulu, NBCUniversal, Paramount, Sony, Lionsgate, BBC, HBO, AT&T, T-Mobile, Liberty Global, Discovery and Vodafone.