Innovative Solutions to Streamline Subscription Streaming App & FAST Channel Finance

Streaming has altered the content distribution landscape forever. Recent shifts in how viewers consume content have made way for an abundance of choices beyond Netflix and other subscription services. The result has been explosive growth in subscription streaming apps and the rapid expansion of AVOD/FAST channels.

Studios and content providers have a tremendous opportunity to exploit these new revenue streams, however, existing processes are often manual and Excel-based. They simply can’t keep up with the new demands created by subscription streaming apps and FAST channels, forcing organizations to devote extensive time and resources to cumbersome, but necessary, revenue-related tasks.

Whip Media empowers studios and distributors to address these challenges so they can drive more revenue while eliminating the hassle of managing it. In this paper, we will discuss our innovative solutions for enhancing subscription streaming app and FAST channel finance through greater efficiency, auditability, control and scale.