The OTT Binge-Watching Phenomenon

If you’ve ever had a Star Wars night on VCR, a Friends fest on DVD, or gotten lost in a Lost box set on Blu-ray, you’ll know that TV and movie binge-watching isn’t a new phenomenon. What’s different now is the wide availability of titles to potentially binge on, the mode of consumption – via online streaming – and the scale both in terms of the number of people who enjoy watching multiple episodes of a title and how often they do it.

Whip Media, together with VOD Professional, conducted a survey across seven countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the US) to take a deeper dive into viewers’ bingeing habits. With a total of 32,741 survey respondents, the results of this survey, and its implications, can be the key to a successful content release and customer acquisition/retention strategies.

Download the white paper below,