Streaming Wars Lighting Up in Latin America

Multinational streamers around the world have their eyes on Latin America as the next chapter of the international streaming wars heats up. Latin America is a ripe battleground and projected to have 110 million Pay TV subscribers by 2024. This makes Latin America the second fastest growing region for streaming services, second only to Sub-Saharan Africa where the subscriber base is very small and growth percentages are based on an extremely low starting point.

What you will learn in this report:

  • LATAM is the second fastest growing region for streaming services in the world

  • As Paramount+ and HBO Max launch in LATAM first, over European markets like France and Spain, they are better positioned to compete against Netflix and Disney+ in the region

  • A combination of diverse content, deep catalogs and fresh originals, complemented by local content, offers a massive competitive advantage

We at Whip Media are always looking at new ways to assess the strategic media landscape, and some of the other variables we look at internally when it comes to streaming wars. These can include genre fit within a country, impact of locally produced content, presence of specific talent, consumers’ emotional response to content, and the evolving competitive landscape within a territory, all of which we continue to assess with our first-party dataset.