FAST Reporting Just Got Faster

May 19, 2023 In The News (All) 0 Comment

The number of FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV) Channels in the U.S. has increased 81% in the last year. There are many factors behind the rise of FAST Channels, including content being cheaper to acquire, viewers suffering from “subscription fatigue,” and the opportunity to monetize library content. The meteoric rise […]

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New Whip Media Survey Finds Most Fans Are Worried the Writers Strike Could Impact Their Favorite Shows and Movies

May 18, 2023 In The News (All) 0 Comment

Most TV and movie fans are aware of the WGA writers strike – and they’re starting to get a bit worried it’ll impact their favorite content. That’s perhaps the key takeaway from a new Whip Media survey looking at consumer awareness of the strike. Here’s what you need to know:  Whip […]

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Ramping Up Rights Metadata in the New Entertainment Ecosystem

April 24, 2023 In The News (All) 0 Comment

In the ever-evolving world of entertainment, managing intellectual property rights is critical to success. Rights metadata is the metadata that relates to rights and intellectual property. It provides data and information about the owner, as well as where and how it’s allowed to be used. It enables organizations to effectively […]

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Whip Media’s Q1 Recap: Paramount+, Netflix Enjoy Hot Starts to 2023

April 10, 2023 In The News (All) 0 Comment

Spring is officially here – but before we get too excited about all the new shows and movies coming out over the next few months, we felt like taking a quick look back. That’s why we put together Whip Media’s first-ever Q1 Streaming Recap, looking at how each of the […]

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Metadata Makes My Favorite Childhood TV and Films Available To Generation Alpha & Gen Z

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In the last 36 months the entertainment industry has seen an explosion in the availability of older TV shows and films on a variety of streaming platforms. This increased accessibility is great news for a whole new generation of viewers that missed out on some of my personal favorite childhood […]

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