Connected TV World Summit – Maximizing the Value of Content

  • How do we maximise individual and/or aggregate consumer engagement with VOD (inside a free or subscription streaming service or within a Pay TV user experience)?
  • Can we discourage password sharing without upsetting or inconveniencing genuine subscribers; How do we convince piracy users to convert to legitimate services?
  • What new or emerging data insights can help us bring the right content to the right person at the right time, either within an individual service or across a rights distribution / windowing / monetisation lifecycle?
  • VPNs and DSN proxies are among the ways that consumers access content that should be geo-restricted: how big a problem is geo-fraud for content monetisation, and how do we counter it?
  • Lots of content rights go unsold so, as an industry, have we maxed out consumer attention for premium video or are we simply failing to identify demand (leaving both attention and revenue on the table)?
  • Name two things that could boost the total value of content (for service providers or content / channel / rights owners) and which can be implemented in under a year.