WhipFlash Webinar Panel – Finding Clarity Amongst Content & Consumer Chaos

It has become universal truth that the television business is constantly being disrupted by the ever-changing content landscape and unprecedented consumer demand. The complexity of services, platforms, channels, programs and apps has dramatically increased overall viewership and usage, along with confusion, at the expense of real profit.  To paraphrase the inimitable John Houseman, “content owners make money the old-fashioned way . . . they wait for it.”

This session will discuss real answers to solve this content and consumer chaos and show you how to not only broaden distribution, but also increase viewership, subscriptions and retention. Hosted by The iTV Doctor Rick Howe, the panel will include Paul Hastings (SVP Global Sales, Whip Media), Andrea Clarke Hall (Head of Global Business Development, Tubi), Chris Tanquary (Director of Business Development, Vizio) and Phillipe Guelton (President at Crackle Plus & Head of VOD Networks at Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment).