MESA HITS Spring – Use Consumer Data to Predict Content Success: What’s Your Demand Score?

The pandemic has accelerated the distribution of content and has increased global viewing, creating a high demand for both original and library content. With the increase of content, rights, platforms and pricing, the process of buying and selling content has become difficult and the need to identify the right licensing opportunities is critical. See how a Demand Score can help organizations stay ahead of the competition by predicting how a TV or movie title will perform among a target audience on a specific platform or within a specific country or region, enabling buyers and sellers to make real-time content licensing decisions that drive audience viewership and engagement, maximize revenue, and make the global film and TV content licensing process faster and more efficient. Join our conversation on the details of a Demand Score and how predictive analytics and consumer sentiment and engagement data are paired together to take the guesswork out of content licensing.

Speaker: Eric Steinberg, Media Research & Insights Lead, Whip Media