OTT Question Time Live 2024 — Building FAST Brands

In this session, Yannick Ferrero, SVP Digital Distribution at Hasbro Entertainment, Anthony Layser, Executive Director, Content Acquisitions & Programming Strategy at Xumo, Paul Hastings, SVP Global Sales at Whip Media, and David Urgell, MD and founder of Neosmedia Consulting, together with Marion Ranchet of The Local Act Consultancy, explored the importance of brand-building when creating FAST channels nationally and internationally.

They’ll discussed:

– Hasbro’s experience of distributing content across platforms and making the most of its brands and IP
– Xumo’s perspective, as a platform, of on-boarding FAST channels since 2019
– The pivotal role of data in producing and maintaining successful FAST brands
– And FAST’s place in the wider mix of monetisation strategies open to broadcasters, content owners and streamers

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