MESA Smart Content Europe: Accelerate OTT Licensing ROI

Accelerate OTT Licensing ROI: Data-Driven Strategies to Optimize Content Budgets

Direct-to-Consumer streaming has fundamentally changed the game on how broadcasters and distributors approach licensing.  Rising costs, limited inventory, competitive dynamics, and fragmented audience viewing patterns requires different thinking when it comes to implementing content strategies and getting the most out of today’s content budgets.  Core to this is to need to integrate new data and intelligence into the workflow to drive smarter acquisition and pricing decisions throughout the content monetization cycle.

This session explored the unique data requirements that are now essential to navigate the dynamically changing streaming landscape. Key use cases and real-world licensing scenarios were also part of the discussion.  Outlined was the licensing journey, where incorporating comprehensive competitive datasets and understanding how audiences are truly engaging with content are critical to the decision process. And, how leveraging this data with advanced AI-based modelling, can surface hidden gems and pinpoint what content to license and merchandise next, that is 8x more accurate in predicting a titles success.