MESA Content Workflow Management Forum Opening Keynote with Paul Hastings

Watch Paul Hastings, Senior Vice President, Global Sales, deliver the Opening Keynote at MESA’s Content Workflow Management Forum. Binge-watching drives streaming adoption and streaming services are driving tremendous growth in the localisation business. We’ve all taken part in one, if not many, binge sessions and the phenomenon certainly is not new (we’re looking at you dusty “Friends” box set), but the availability of library and new titles at our fingertips may now play an even more important role in content release strategies, customer acquisition and subscriber retention. In the world’s biggest binge-watching survey ever conducted, with answers from over 32,000 respondents across 7 countries, Whip Media has the data on “everything binge” and is presenting it for the first time here at CWMF. How do they define a binge session? What genres do they binge? Who are you bingeing with? Did lockdown have an effect? With answers directly from a panel of over 20 million global users who actively use Whip Media’s TV Time app, important implications from the data become clear as the future of content development in a world of streaming continues to evolve.