OTT Question Time #51 – The Netflix Effect on OTT

There was a long stretch of time, from around 2012 to 2017, when Netflix was the big buzz term in the OTT industry. Everywhere I went – panels, speeches, conferences – it felt like everyone was talking about it. Netflix the disruptor. Netflix the pioneer. Netflix, both the saviour and killer of TV. It was so ubiquitous that Tom Williams, CEO of Ostmodern, sometimes jokes that every pitch that his company attended seemed to be one in which the customer wanted to create “the Netflix of… pets / podcasts / reindeer-driving [insert other term]”! Watch Eric Steinberg, Media Research & Insights Lead, at Whip Media, Stu Jones, Head of Product at ITV Hub, and Kasey Moore, founder of What’s on Netflix, discuss The Netflix Effect on OTT.