NAB- CM|IP & Future of Delivery Panel Debate: The TV Industry’s New Normal – Lessons Learnt From The Pandemic

The impact of COVID on the pay-TV industry has been profound with the curtailment of live sport along with social distancing rules for scripted TV and film significantly reducing content output. However, the enforced lock-down has seen a massive rise in OTT consumption, as a stay-at-home global population binged on pre-lockdown shows and previously unloved back catalogue gems. The pandemic has also forced broadcasters to look at new ways to produce content with less people leading to a massive growth in remote production (REMI). Originally borne out of necessity, there is now a wider recognition of the longer-term benefits including operational flexibility and the potential for significant cost reduction. In this CM|IP Panel, we bring together experts from across the pay-TV landscape to look at challenges faced and overcome – and a broader examination of lessons learnt that may well help shape a more resilient industry that is more able to withstand future disruptions.