No Passports Needed: Content is Traveling Across Borders to Meet Audience Demand

As global demand for content and programming increases, a shift in what content resonates with viewers in a given country is changing. A recent Whip Media study surfaced that European audiences across France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK, are consuming less U.S. originating content – a downturn of 10%. Though the U.S. continues to be the dominant content supplier to Europe, competition for audiences is encouraging platforms to seek out compelling content, from a greater diversity of sources. A shift in what audiences want to watch is making way for new content to be discovered. For studios and distributors, enhancing the value of titles globally is becoming increasingly more important. This session will share emerging trends around the global distribution of local titles, content that’s attracting viewers’ attention, and what’s needed to make better content planning and strategy decisions to maximize revenue.
Alisa Joseph, Senior Vice President Business Strategy & Development, Whip Media