DEG Spring Membership Meeting Presented by Whip Media

By: Nadine Suleiman|May 21, 2021

Spring into Summer Movies: How Anticipation & Engagement Insights Can Predict the Next Blockbuster or Bust 

As movie theaters closed in 2020 and releases were delayed or moved to streaming services, the industry has completely overhauled its distribution strategy in regards to VOD programming.  Benhain will dive into data from over 16 million global users of Whip Media’s TV Time app, the world’s largest television and movie tracking platform, to uncover critical predictive indicators including performance, audience engagement and platform success to get a data-driven understanding of the upcoming summer movie slate during these turbulent times, and which titles will be blockbusters or busts.

Speaker: Jeni Hatfield-Benhain,  Director of Data Solutions, Whip Media