MESA HITS Spring – The New Normal: A Post Covid Content Ecosystem Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Covid-19 has been and continues to be, one of the greatest global disruptions of our lifetime. Within the media and entertainment industry, the changes that have come from TV and movie viewing over the past year are positioned to remain that way for years to come. Billion-dollar blockbusters were challenged by a shrinking theatrical window and an increasingly competitive streaming environment. Now, SVODs have normalized direct-to-consumer releases, and with the acceleration of AVOD, consumers are finding alternative ways to consume content. The ever-changing content climate only continues to transform itself as media companies struggle to optimize releases for fixed schedules, primetime TV slots or popular holiday milestones. In order to tackle this new world of what to watch, you must be able to identify the demand for content, understand consumer data and leverage audience engagement metrics to predict title success. Born from the pandemic were new strategic workflows along with a new way of conducting business, which have altered the way the industry operates. Join our panel to hear from industry experts on adapting to today’s new normal and how to prepare for the future with an advantageous content strategy plan; turning the Covid chaos into a change for the better.

Introduction by Anthony Anderson, Executive Producer/Actor
Moderator: Carol Hanley, Co-President, Whip Media
Richard Brookbanks, Vice President Financial Controller, The Walt Disney Company
Will Gurman, Vice President, Global Content Partnerships, PlutoTV